Presenting Scholars

Sandy Park, Exeter

Presenting Scholars

Martin Gott 2018NSch

Raw ambition - What it takes to grow a high value artisan cheese industry and why it is important

James Standen 2019NSch

Achieving excellence in university and college farms. Implementing best practice from home and abroad

Lizzie Carr-Archer 2020NSch

How plant breeding could reduce farm inputs in the future
Lizzie Carr-Archer 2

Nicola Harrison 2020NSch

Mapping out a green growth strategy for UK horticulture
Nicola Harrison 2

Peter Craven 2020NSch

The formula for family business success

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Peter Craven Sept 2022 Small

Fred Langdale 2020NSch

Frost protection and post frost care in cool climate viticulture.

Sam Smith 2020NSch

Regenerative agriculture: a shared ambition for the future of farming?
Sam Smith 2

Emily Aitchison 2021 NSch

Farm to Glass: assessing how farmers can benefit from future trends in the drinks industry.
Emily Mcveigh

Gary Spence 2020NSch

I can't believe it's not beef! Can livestock compete with alternative proteins?
Gary Spence 2

James Stobart 2020NSch

Effective monitoring methods that measure ecological outcomes in grazing systems
James Stobart 2

Gary Thompson 2021NSch

Breaking dairy farming's addiction to inorganic fertilizer: The road to rehabilitation
Gary Thompson

Olivia Champion 2022 NSch

Can carbon neutral edible insects be farmed profitably?
Olivia Champion

Matthew Blyth 2021NSch

Evaluating the potential cost benefits of electronic data recording for UK sheep and beef farms
Matthew Blyth - profile

Anna Bowen 2021NSch

Cow calf contact: dairy's ethical future?
Anna Bowen Topic

Dan De Baerdmaecker 2021NSch

Influences affecting management and productivity of deer as a semi-domesticated species in an intensive farming system
Dan de Baerdemaecker

Aisla Jones 2021NSch

How can retail and supply chains support demand for more sustainable aquaculture feed?
Aisla Jones

Chris Manley 2021NSch

Developing farming leaders. How getting to know yourself, your team and your community can make a farm a great place to work.
Chris Manley

Ian Baggs 2021NSch

Sustainable forage cropping for dairy cattle in the face of climate change challenges
Ian Baggs

Ben Hunt 2022NSch

Can you farm Carbon?
Ben Hunt New

Miles Middleton 2022NSch

Working towards Net Zero in the Dairy offs, opportunity costs and alternative allocations for scarce resources.
Miles Middleton

Tom Young 2022NSch

Sustainable water use: opportunities for agriculture based on cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing.
Tom Young

Helen Wyman 2022NSch

Mentoring: a mechanism for driving positive change in UK Agriculture
Helen Wyman Cropped

Kendra Hall 2022NSch

Building trust in British farming through increased transparency of on-farm livestock production
Kendra Hall

Oli Chedgey 2022NSch

Living the Farming Ladder
Oliver Chedgey

Chris Taylor 2022NSch

Do regenerative farming practices pave the way for UK agriculture to meet Net Zero
Chris Taylor

Toby Simpson 2022NSch

Catch and cover cropping opportunities in UK arable agriculture
Toby Simpson

Emily Padfield 2022NSch

The mob-grazed flerd: improving soil, biodiversity and farm incomes
Emily Padfield

James Pick 2022NSch

Can Maincrop Potatoes be Grown in a Regenerative system?
James Pick

Liz Cresswell 2022NSch

Cattle health schemes: what does success look like?
Liz Cresswell

Miranda Timmerman 2022NSch

Worming like a winner: a guide to a sustainable UK sheep flock
Miranda Timmerman

Rob Havard 2022NSch

Evaluation of beef cattle selection methods for profitability in grass-fed production systems
Rob Havard

Vic Ballantyne 2022NSch

Too Fat? The role of condition in maternal livestock in areas with extreme seasonal variability
Victoria Ballantyne

David Throup 2022NSch

Poultry Manure: a study into the storage, bi-product capabilities & the impact on environment sustainability

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David Throup

Ali Cook 2022NSch

‘Utilisation and Impact of robotics on large scale dairy farms’
Ali Cook