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There is always something on at Nuffield Farming! Take a look at our calendar for a complete list of our meetings, webinars and industry events that we are attending. Don’t forget to stop by and say hello!


Events for Potential Applicants to learn more about Nuffield Scholarships and the application process, hosted by Charlotte Merson. To register, email

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Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd July Nuffield Golf Society's Farm Visit and Second Meeting

The second Nuffield Golf Society event will be a trip to Scotland on 22nd and 23rd July! Thursday 22nd July will be a Farm Visit to Jim Shanks 2009 NSch family farm followed by golf the next day.

Non golfers and potential scholars are welcome to join the Farm Visit on 22nd July starting with lunch at Standhill farm is a family farm situated in the heart of the Scottish Borders.


Jim Shanks NSch with Family
                 Jim Shanks NSch with family

Bought in 1951, Standhill was originally geared towards dairy production but now is a hub of innovation, creation, diversification and employment. Dinner will be arranged for the evening!

On Friday 23rd July golf will be played against local farmers at Roxburghe golf course starting at 11.00am   
Friday evening we have a meal booked with friends in the local farming community!

Anyone who is interested please email David Rose



24th to 26th November Nuffield Farming Annual Conference

Venue will be Whittlebury Park, Towcester, Northamptonshire (

We are also making plans to fully livestream this event as well.

This year's Annual Conference will be hosted by the Nuffield Farming Central region.

More information will follow…