Nuffield Calendar

There is always something on at Nuffield Farming! Take a look at our calendar for a complete list of our meetings, webinars and industry events that we are attending. Don’t forget to stop by and say hello!


Wednesday 13th October Nuffield Regenerative Agriculture Group Zoom Meeting

The Inaugural (zoom) meeting of the Nuffield Regen Ag Group will be held on 13th October. As we will all be aware, ‘Regenerative Agriculture’ is the fashionable phrase at the moment and we felt it was important that Nuffield was seen to be taking a lead in this exciting sector. We are fortunate to have many scholars, already signed up to the group, who are at the vanguard of the movement.

Please email the Chair, Tom Chapman if you would like to attend:


24th to 26th November Nuffield Farming Annual Conference

Venue will be Whittlebury Park, Towcester, Northamptonshire.

This year's Annual Conference will be hosted by the Nuffield Farming Central region.

Please go to the main Conference page for information - HERE