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The MacRobert Trust was established by Lady MacRobert in memory of her three sons who were all killed as aviators. The Trust keeps alive the ideals and history of Lady MacRobert through the conduct of charitable activities 'for the public benefit' throughout the UK, but with an emphasis in Scotland. Currently, the categories for support include Science and Technology, Youth, Services and Sea, Ex-Servicemen’s & Ex-Servicewomen's Hospitals and Homes, Education, Disabled and Handicapped, Community Welfare, Agriculture and Horticulture, Arts and Music and Medical Care. 

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Scholars Sponsored

Only most recent are listed.

  • 2024

    Wallace Currie

    I was brought up on a beef and sheep farm on the Isle of Arran based on the islands only volcano, Ard Bhienn!  The enterprise comprised of about 630 breeding ewes with the full

    Stratification system...

  • 2023

    Alistair McBain

    I grew up in the North East of Scotland. Although not from a farm, I have always had a passion for the agricultural industry, with key interests in the arable and poultry sectors. After studying...

  • 2022

    Ali Cook

    I grew up in South West Scotland and come from a non agricultural background. After spells working in the USA and the Middle East I returned home.
  • 2021

    Ranald Angus

    I am a partner in the family farming business operating mixed enterprises of beef cattle, sheep, cereals and forestry, in Caithness on the northern coast of Scotland. I am a staunch advocate of young...

  • 2020

    Aoife Behan

    Currently, I am Director or Soil Association Scotland, a food and farming charity. My role is to lead and manage the organisation, its programme of work and its team of 27 staff to build its influence and credibility to transform the way we eat, farm and care for the natural world.
  • 2019

    Claire Hodge

    I grew up on a dairy farm in the Scottish Borders and have always been driven to find information and solutions to agricultural challenges. The agricultural industry has so much potential and I am constantly inspired by the ability of farmers, their persistence and commitment to survive change, this is why I enjoy working in the industry.
  • 2018

    Jamie McIntosh

    I grew up in Peebles, a small town in the Scottish Borders. From an early age I developed a strong interest in farming and after studying for a degree in Business Management with Marketing, I started a career in agriculture. For the past 10 years I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working in the egg industry both in egg production and sales of day old chicks.

“Lady MacRobert was extremely keen on agriculture, travel and learning and the Nuffield Scholarship brings all of these aspects together in one endeavour. The extraordinary opportunity provided by the Nuffield scheme allows scholars to broaden, not only their own understanding of their chosen topics, but in doing so, using the platform provided by the scholarship and its highly respected reputation, they are also able to inform and influence, the wider agricultural sector. The Trust is delighted to have been associated with the Nuffield Scholarship programme for over 10 years and in

Chris Hockley, CEO