Miranda Timmerman

Miranda Timmerman

Growing up surrounded by agriculture I have always been immersed in livestock businesses. Having graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in Veterinary Science and an intercalated MSc I started work as a large animal veterinary surgeon in West Wales. This led me to work with proactive sheep farmers who are looking for the tools they need to combat the growing threat of anthelmintic resistance.

Worming like a winner: A guide to a sustainable UK sheep flock

Study Overview

Alongside my work as a farm vet I completed an Advanced Veterinary Practitioner’s certificate focussing on sheep which highlighted the fractured nature of the parasite control advice available which inspired me to apply for a Nuffield Scholarship. Resistance to anthelmintics is a time critical issue in the sheep sector impacting both sustainability, profitability and biodiversity. My study will be collating the various different ways to reduce gastrointestinal parasite burdens in sheep without solely relying on anthelmintics, whilst discovering effective ways to communicate this across the UK livestock sector.

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