What is Nuffield Farming?

Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust is a registered charity (No. 1098519) with an aim to inspire passion in people and develop their potential to lead positive change in farming and food. We award life-changing scholarships that unlock individual potential and broaden horizons through study and travel overseas, with a view to developing the farming and agricultural industries.

Each year Nuffield Farming Scholarships are awarded to approximately 20 deserving individuals working in farming, horticulture, forestry or any other countryside and ancillary industry - or are in a position to influence those who do. The first scholarships were award in 1947 and since then over 1,000 Nuffield Scholars have completed their studies and travel to make an impact on farming and food.

"Leading positive change in agriculture"

As a registered charity, we are governed by a board of Trustees who control the Trust and are responsible for overseeing its activities on behalf of the Members. The Trustee Board is formed by 6 – 13 elected individuals of whom at least 75% must be Nuffield Scholars. All activities of the Trust must be towards promotion of its objectives which are: “…to promote agricultural, horticultural, forestry and countryside management education in the United Kingdom and abroad and to advance the standard of farming (including the food supply chain, horticulture, forestry and countryside management and associated topics) in the United Kingdom by the provision of Scholarships to [eligible] persons to enable them to study the practices and techniques employed anywhere in the world.”



We are proud that in 1976 the HRH The Duke of Gloucester, KG, GCVO agreed to be our patron and is still actively supporting Nuffield Farming to this day. In 2017 he wrote the foreword to ‘The story behind Nuffield Farming Scholarships’ and commented, “Most impressively, it has been the growth and the strength of the network of ex-scholars around the world that has given a focus to the hopes of new scholars, who want to use their precious travel opportunity to be in the right place at the right time to broaden their experience. Anyone can buy an airline ticket but it is the reception at the other end that maintains the reputation of our scheme in producing an opportunity for overviews in places otherwise out of sight. The increasing sophistication of our network around the world will continue to be our strength…”

Our Patron, HRH the Duke of Gloucester