Global Focus Programme (GFP)

The Global Focus Programme (GFP) is an opportunity for all new UK and International Scholars to participate in a six week intensive travel programme. Small groups of eight to ten Scholars from a variety of backgrounds travel to around seven countries and experience a broad range of agricultural systems, in very different political and social environments. The GFP aims to develop Scholars understanding of global agriculture, broaden their horizons and gives them the opportunity to meet with progressive businesses, organisations and governments from across the world.

This is in addition to the Scholar’s own study travel and there maybe funding available, but this needs to be confirmed with the Director. Applicants are encouraged to express an initial interest, solely as an indication of numbers. However, this has no bearing or influence on the Scholarship selection process.

Group of people looking at crops

An example of our previous tours are below: 

GFP1: Brazil
21st March – 2nd May 2020 (following CSC)
CSC, Christchurch (Triennial 3 days), France, Ireland, Washington DC, Texas, Mexico, Brazil

GFP 2: Africa
21st March – 2nd May 2020 (following CSC)
CSC, Christchurch (Triennial 3 days), Flordia, Washington DC, Eastern Europe, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania

GFP 3: Chile 
21st March – 2nd May 2020 (following CSC)
CSC, Christchurch (Triennial 3 days), Chile & Argentina, Washington DC, Kentucky, Canada, Spain, Italy

GFP 4: China 
5th June – 16th July 2020
Singapore, Philippines, China, Denmark, UK, Washington DC, Kansas

GFP 5: India  
4th June – 16th July 2020
Singapore, India, Qatar, Poland, Germany, Washington DC, Iowa/Wisconsin

GFP 6: Japan
4th June – 16th July 2020
Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Israel, Netherlands, Washington DC, California