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Ben Hunt

Always rooted in agriculture, I grew up in South Dorset milking cows and grain carting. After studying a business degree at Loughborough University, I trained as an agronomist and took up various technical and commercial roles within agriculture. Always passionate about the environmental side of agronomy, I now work alongside farmers to improve drinking water quality.  

Study Overview

I'm on a mission to accelerate the adoption of carbon farming in the UK, in order to improve farm resilience, water quality, and help mitigate climate change. My aim is to undertake a global assessment of soil carbon markets, and other business models, which have potential to incentivise the adoption of carbon farming. I'll engage with stakeholders involved in soil carbon markets (farmers, buyers, academics, brokers, market & policy experts, advocates and sceptics) to understand their attitudes and how the current challenges of soil carbon markets are being overcome.

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