Victoria Ballantyne

Victoria Ballantyne

Having left Australia with a back pack and round-the-world ticket in 2006, I didn’t expect to find myself 15yrs later totally engrossed in livestock farming in the North Highlands. With my husband Jason, we have been involved in various projects with QMS, AHDB & SRUC, including the Scottish Monitor Farm program.  We are focused on making the most from forage and having the right animals to achieve this.  

Too fat? The role of body condition in maternal livestock in areas with extreme seasonal variability

Study Overview

Can a cow or ewe be too fat?? In regions with long winters and/or prolonged dry spells, what role can selecting for condition score play in reducing feeding requirements and improving overall productivity? What impact does selecting for muscle and growth over fat have on maternal breeds? How can we identify those animals that can hold their own in leaner times and what technology might help us do this?

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