David Throup

David Throup

I grew up on our family farming estate near York and we have farmed here for over 30 years. The estate comprises of Poultry, Dairy and Arable enterprises, which are across 1200 acres. In addition, we have biomass, solar and hydro renewable energy sources that support the farming estate. I manage our 3 free range poultry units as well as a rearing unit. I also have a keen interest in engineering and adapting efficient ways of working across the farm.

Poultry Manure: a study into the storage, bi-product capabilities & the impact on environment sustainability

Study Overview

As our poultry business has grown so has the amount of poultry manure we produce. This is a growing problem. Legislation is continuously changing, and it is becoming a challenge for farmers like myself to manage the product but also meet environmental targets. I would like to use my study to investigate the best practices for the storage and usage of poultry manure. I want to explore the storage solutions that are currently in place in other areas of the poultry industry, its capabilities in whether it could be used as energy source or organic fertiliser and what implications these options would have on the environment.

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