Our Scholars

Since 1947, we have awarded over 1,000 scholarships to those working in the food, farming, horticulture and rural industries. Our Scholars travel across the globe to learn from leading experts and farmers before bringing their knowledge back to the UK to share at home. With study topics ranging from hill farming to global trading markets (and everything in between), Nuffield Farming Scholars all share passion for what they do, a desire to do things better and a head full of questions…

Get acquainted with our most recent Scholars and their study topics by clicking below…

  • Meet Adrian Marshall

    I live in Suffolk with my family and I am very proud to be the first person from my family to have found a career within the poultry sector of Agriculture.

  • Meet Aisla Jones

    I grew up in North Wales with a passion for the environment and subsequently studied marine biology. Having previously worked in research and environmental NGOs, I currently specialise in seafood sustainability within retail.

  • Meet Anna Bowen

    I grew up on a dairy farm in Carmarthenshire where my brother and father breed pedigree Holsteins, I now live in Ceredigion where my partner and I contract farm a herd of 300 spring block calving dairy cows

  • Meet Camilla Hayselden-Ashby

    I grew up on my family's 350ha mixed farm in Kent. For the last 4 years I have split my time between my role as Head of Product at an agri-tech startup 4 days a week and one day working on the farm.

  • Meet Chris Manley

    I have a sustained passion for the agriculture industry and am driven to make a difference.  Brought up on a dairy, beef, and sheep farm in Devon, I flourished in Young Farmers and at Harper Adams.  This has given me the foundations to

  • Meet Dan De Baerdemaecker

    Deer have fascinated me for longer than I can remember. I had the opportunity to work on the deer department at Woburn Abbey, in time moving and up the ladder to eventually taking over the department and managing the deer operation there at 26 years old.

  • Meet Emily Aitchison

    I grew up on a mixed arable and livestock farm in Mid-Suffolk. As a family we have been farming continuously since 1640 and I am proud of my farming heritage.

  • Meet Geoff Guy

    I have been involved in the management of deer and wildlife my entire career both in a practical sense as a deer stalker, woodland manager and countryside ranger, and in the education sector where I spent over a decade as a lecturer and manager at some of the UK's top land-based colle

  • Meet Ian Baggs

    I am a fourth generation dairy farmer from Dorset.  After a career in civil and water engineering, I returned to the family farm.  My focus is to deliver sustainable agricultural production with environment

  • Meet James MacCartney

    I have been managing our mixed family farm in Rutland for the last 10 years taking responsibility for both sheep and beef enterprises as well as a value added diversification into catering at festivals and farmers markets using the produce from our farm.

  • Meet Keith Gue

    I returned to the family farm three years ago after working at Imperial Tobacco and Genus PLC. Experience in both businesses gave me a grounding in the corporate world and experience working abroad.

  • Meet Matthew Blyth

    I was born and bred in Lincolnshire. After two years doing a general agricultural college course, I moved to Northumberland college and specialised in sheep and beef.

  • Meet Ranald Angus

    I am a partner in the family farming business operating mixed enterprises of beef cattle, sheep, cereals and forestry, in Caithness on the northern coast of Scotland.

  • Meet Robert Howe

    I’ll be exploring and defining the role of farm vets within regenerative agriculture. As a farm vet in a practice I helped found here in Lancashire, it’s an exciting time to be awarded this opportunity to