Alistair McBain

Alistair McBain

I grew up in the North East of Scotland. Although not from a farm, I have always had a passion for the agricultural industry, with key interests in the arable and poultry sectors. After studying Agriculture at SRUC, I joined Farmcare as a management trainee, followed by time as an Agronomist. I now work for a large arable and egg production business in Aberdeenshire. I am very excited to have been given the opportunity to carry out a Nuffield Scholarship, and am very grateful for the generosity of my sponsor, The MacRobert Trust for making it possible.

A Review of Alternative Proteins to Drive Net Zero Egg Production

Study Overview

Typically over 60% of the carbon footprint of an egg is from the use of south American soya. This large contribution is a problem for egg producers, but also creates a big opportunity for the reduction of emissions, through the reduction or elimination of soya in diets. I will look at a range of alternative proteins, reviewing their suitability for driving net zero egg production from an economic, nutritional and carbon foot print perspective.

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