Wallace Currie

Wallace Currie

I was brought up on a beef and sheep farm on the Isle of Arran based on the islands only volcano, Ard Bhienn!  The enterprise comprised of about 630 breeding ewes with the full

Stratification system and a much smaller cattle herd enticed me study a degree in agriculture.  I did a BSc in Agriculture followed by a MSc in Food Security bit of which focusing on perception.  The undergrad on farmers perception to Brexit and diversification as way of elevating financial stress and the masters Scottish farmers care for global food security.

Since then I have worked as an agricultural lecturer, currently in my 4th year and really want to:

1. Make myself better as a learning facilitator

2. Work together with other agriculture education institutions across the UK

to finally make the student experience better from a technical, pastoral and social perspective.

Let's get Agricultural Education into the Tramlines

Study Overview

I feel agricultural education is in a good spot, in Scotland our numbers are increasing and our curriculum is taking a massive shift from lots of assessments, mainly theory and minimal practical inclusion to a more holistic model utilising constructive alignment, practical, theory, placement and a more portfolio based assessment. 

However I want to see what’s out there to make me a better learning facilitator, student experience better and implement more cross institutional talks about how we teach the future of our sector.

I will be travelling to Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and Holland (potentially amongst others) to experience training and education:

1. On farms

2. In schools

3. In further and higher education

Before coming back to try and have a few round table discussions with other universities.