Report Synopsis

How seed breeding could reduce farm inputs in the future

Currently researching for Scholarship

‘’How seed breeding could reduce farm inputs in the future” will investigate how we can advance cereal and OSR breeding techniques for UK farmers to help keep the industry at the forefront of sustainable agriculture. I aim to explore the knowledge gaps in this area (particularly those near to market) and help to fill them through active knowledge transfer from travel to global research institutions. In particular, I want to investigate how the recent advances in breeding techniques such as Marker Assisted Selection, Gene Editing, CRISPR etc. can be used to unlock lower input and more sustainable routes to market, in a future context of the twin challenges of fewer available crop protection inputs and climate change.

I plan to extend my Australia CSC, travel to CYMMT in Mexico, the US and Canada. There is also a number of countries in Europe that are showing great development in genetics, and so looking closer to home in a non-GMO situation will be very useful depending on our market situation.