Hannah Fraser

Hannah Fraser

I am a medical doctor and a first generation farmer. For the last few years I have enjoyed the simultaneous experience of life on the hospital wards and life running an organic arable farm in Yorkshire. I believe it is our food, and fundamentally our food producers, who may offer a solution to the rapidly rising levels of chronic disease in the UK and an increasingly-strained NHS. As Sir Albert Howard simply put, “the health of the soil, plant, animal and man is one and indivisible.

Displacing empty calories with nutrient dense food: How can UK farmers be rewarded for practices that promote nutrient density?

Study Overview

The nutrient density of our food is in decline. The foods that span the human diet, from meat and fish to fruit, vegetables and grains, now provide us with far fewer vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals than in our grandparents era. The link between what we’re eating and our health now often hits the headlines. The link between our health and how our food is grown is less often discussed, but may have a significant impact on our health.   The aims for my Nuffield study are: to understand how farming methods impact nutrient density and how we can incentivise the production and consumption of nutrient dense foods. 

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