Dan Jones

Dan Jones

I grew up on a small family farm on The Isle of Anglesey. I quickly realised my goal in life was to run my own sheep farm. After studying Agriculture at Aberystwyth University, followed by contract shearing and various shepherding roles, I fulfilled my goal in getting my first tenancy, a 93 acre lowland farm on Anglesey.

I am now a tenant for the National Trust on The Great Orme, a unique 900 acre upland farm, with particular conservation requirements, which lets me work with my two main passions, sheep farming and helping the environment.

A Nuffield Scholarship has always been an ambition of mine and I'm looking forwards to the exciting journey ahead.

Upland sheep farming, finding the balance: production, conservation and climate change

Study Overview

Upland sheep farming is an industry that I am optimistic and passionate about. Over recent years it has attracted criticism for it’s negative environmental impact. The industry has a huge opportunity to show the general public that not all meat is created equal, and that we are part of the solution rather than the problem. During my study I would like to focus on the potential to maximise the food production / profitability of the upland sheep farm, whilst enhancing Nature Conservation. Realising a farming model that works to regenerate habitats within upland farms, and farming systems that actively increase carbon sequestration.