Will Brown

Will Brown

Having spent time working in food service and distribution, I have since returned to the family farm in Oxfordshire, where I live with my wife and young son. The main focus of the farm is the arable enterprise. We also have pigs, sheep, and equestrian.

Eager to try something new, in addition to my work on the farm, I have founded a small vertical farming business – OX3 Greens. Produce is sold direct to various kitchens across Oxford.

Thank you to the Central Region Farmers Trust and Food Chain Scholarships for their sponsorship. Without their generous support my Nuffield journey would not be possible.

Finding synergy between the traditional farming model and vertical farms

Study Overview

I was a sceptic of vertical farming at first glance. However, I can now see the vision… I can see the potential of controlling every aspect of the growing environment. I can certainly see a future with vertical farms.

And so, as the LED dawn breaks, will there be a divide between futuristic plant factories and traditional soil farmers? My belief is that vertical farms could become a common feature within the farm enterprise mix. Therefore, I will be exploring what synergies exist between vertical farms and farming as we know it today. Specifically looking at energy resources, existing infrastructure, the human resource, and the product mix.

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