Henry Alexander

Henry Alexander

From Cambridgeshire and Norfolk farming roots - I’ve spent the last 8 years working for the UK Civil Service in a variety of departments. I returned to farming via a stint at New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries and since May 2021 I’ve been Head of Office and Senior Private Secretary to the Minister for Farming, Fisheries and Food in DEFRA. I’m passionate about all things farming, fisheries and food policy - with a particular interest in seaweed and its potential in the UK.

A comparative analysis of seaweed farming - lessons for the UK

Study Overview

Seaweeds are exciting - they don’t require any inputs (no fertiliser, no pesticides, no irrigation, no land), they absorb carbon, they are a superfood. But despite having the 12th largest coast in the world, the UK does not yet have a significant seaweed industry. 95% of global seaweed production comes from just ten countries. My study aims to learn how we can unlock seaweeds potential in the UK - looking both at countries where seaweed farming has existed for centuries and at countries which have more recently developed seaweed industrie

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