Report Synopsis

Regenerative agriculture: a shared ambition for the future of farming?

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Food and farming organisations are showing increasing interest in regenerative agriculture. As a movement, regenerative agriculture typically advocates an approach that continually improves ecosystem health, such as biodiversity, soil health and watersheds. In particular, there’s a hope that scaling-up regenerative agriculture will support large-scale carbon sequestration.

Through my work, I’ve witnessed a variety of understanding about RA and its potential. This Nuffield study will explore how it’s being understood by different actors in the food system – from farmers and retailers, to NGOs and certification bodies – and whether it has potential to offer a shared goal for the food and farming sector.

With farmers, I will also map interests towards different regenerative practices and with retailers and brands, I will explore how it is influencing their strategies and sourcing. Finally, I will determine the barriers and enablers considered to help scale-up regenerative agriculture.

This study builds on various Nuffield projects which have explored sustainable agricultural practices. Uniquely, it explores perspectives and activity across the supply chain. It will raise the profile of regenerative agriculture, showcasing powerful and ambitious examples from around the world, providing valuable insights and inspiration to shape our food and farming industry.