Report Synopsis

The journey to maturity - Navigating sustainable food business growth

Currently researching for Scholarship

Over the past ten years I have seen first hand the growth of my own business Fielding Cottage, from producing cheese in my kitchen, to production predictions of over 100 tonnes in the coming years. I will be the first person to say this growth was not without its challenges.  

Therefore, I wish to study and investigate how other food manufacturers have manged their growth, with an empathises on people, how they have recruited, retained and motivated these people, whilst also maintaining customer relationship and production in a sustainable manner. In order to do this, I wish to visit businesses in areas of the world, who have recently experienced exponential growth in their food industry, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and China.

I hope that my findings will enable me to move forward with my business in a sustainable fashion whilst keeping good people enthused. I also wish to offer my findings to the wider food industry within the UK, enabling mentoring and guidance, at a time that ourselves face great opportunity and challenges as we break away from the EU.