Report Synopsis

Balancing Consumer Demand with Efficient, Clean Egg Production

Chris Monnier

The Australian public depends on egg and general agricultural producers for a quality food production available all year round and across all parts of Australia. Whilst eggs only make up a small proportion of Australia’s protein requirements, they are currently among the lowest cost protein source to produce and therefore for consumers to purchase. There is however, a growing concern that a large percentage of the Australian population have extremely limited knowledge of egg and broader animal-based food production.

In discussions with consumers, the author noted general concerns around antibiotic, vaccines and chemical additives to feed as well as an understanding of the husbandry and management practices across different farming methods. More broadly, concerns exist around genetic modification, land management and environmental impact across general animal-based food production. This report aims to explore some of these concepts and understand how industry can best engage and work with consumers to reach common ground through mutual understanding.

The author does not wish to promote or favour any egg production system over another, but endeavours to report true and honest findings in a balanced manner with a view of giving consumers the information required to make more educated purchase decisions around egg production methods.

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