Mercer Family

Mercer Family Charitable Foundation

The Mercer family are fourth generation farmers and believe in farming in a way that increases regeneration and biodiversity, all having a positive impact on the land and on the animals.

We believe our family run, farming business has prospered over the last 100 years as a direct result of the three watchwords that stand as pillars of our operation and that help set us apart. It’s our relentless drive for Passion, Respect and Excellence that has allowed us and the generations before us to grow and flourish into the business we are today.

Packington pigs and chickens are given large, green, and lush pastures to roam, and time to mature. This is not only best for the animals’ welfare, but it also results in first class meat. A fact recognised not only by the customers and numerous industry awards, but also by celebrity chefs.

Packington Free Range is a leader when it comes to free-range meat and ethical farming. Their chicken and pork products can be found in butchers and farm shops nationwide, as well as via Ocado and their own website – where they deliver chicken all year round as well as free-range Cockerels and Turkeys at Christmas and Easter.

Packington’s philosophy is a simple one, what’s good for the land and animals will ultimately be good for us - happy & healthy, always.