Lohmann GB Limited

Lohmann GB Limited

Lohmann GB are the leading layer breed supplier to the UK and Republic of Ireland egg industry, we pride ourselves on supplying the right hen for every house and the right egg for every market.

The Lohmann breeds (Lohmann Brown Classic, Lohmann Brown Lite and LSL White) have each been nurtured over the years to ensure our Farmers and Producers are able to achieve the best possible return on investment, whilst ensuring the correct egg is produced to meet an ever adaptive market and consumer expectations.

These breeds are supported by a Technical Team that cover all areas of the UK and ROI. The team is made up of a diverse selection who celebrate a long history from within the industry, many who have worked their way up from stockpersons and egg collectors and therefore have a firm grounding in what is required to support the farmer on a day-to-day basis.

The team also work in conjunction with their European and International counterparts to facilitate data and information exchange to ensure that the UK remain at the leading edge of productivity, adaptability and development.

Both Lohmann as a company and as a breed continue to grow and develop thus ensuring we remain at the forefront of technical developments when it comes to housing designs, production systems and market challenges. Combined with this we constantly review our strategies and guidance allowing us to continue to work towards being at the forefront of sustainability and welfare goals.

We ultimately need to produce the right egg for our client’s market whilst ensuring grade A quality from within and outside the egg combined with a support network that is second to none.

Lohmann GB are pleased to be a proud supporter of Nuffield as a ‘Friend of Nuffield’ and also very proud to have two Nuffield Scholars from within the company.