Laura Awdry

Laura Awdry

Growing up on a deer farm in Mid Canterbury, New Zealand, I originally never saw myself pursuing a career in Agriculture but fast-forward in time and I now farm in partnership with my husband on a Duchy of Cornwall farm tenancy running beef, arable and also work within the Dairy team for AHDB. 

Having built a career from a calf rearing enterprise, which allowed a business model to progress to a farm tenancy. The chance to pursue a Nuffield is that ability to give back to an industry that has given me purpose and a passion I never expected to find.

I'm incredibly grateful to the Dartington Cattle Breeding Trust for their support. 

Every Calf has a Value, but is every calf equal? Sustainable and profitable dairy beef production in the UK

Study Overview

My experience of the dairy beef sector since I moved to the UK in 2008 has seen many positive changes, but some of the same challenges remain.  

The aim of my study is look at how we can ethically address pressures on dairy farmers with perceived low value calves in the system and look at profitable and sustainable outcomes. Genetics and calf management play a huge role but can a more holistic approach between the dairy, beef and arable sector lead to collaborative opportunities for new entrants, help to reduce emissions from inorganic fertiliser use and created diverse farm ecosystems while providing an important protein source for the consumer with a low environmental impact and high animal welfare.