Report Synopsis

How to change a traditional commodity business towards a high end premium supplier?

Marten Dijkstra

My name is Marten Dijkstra. I am married to Linda and together we have three children. We live in a small village Aldeboarn in the province of Friesland.

As an organic dairy farmer my company owns 70 cows and 53 hectares of grassland (clay on peat). Next to my passion for farming I am an active member of the ANLB meadow bird management collective. The ANLB organisation rewarded me with the as “Meadow bird farmer of the year 2017”. To increase my presence and be part of the farmer community within the region I am board member of the agricultural cooperative “It Lege Midden”. Next to being a farmer I am also political active for the VVD and member of parliament of the province of Fryslan since 2019.

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