Report Synopsis

Production of quality beef with respect for the environment and animal welfare

Yannick Laban

Yannick is an Aberdeen Angus breeder in the southwest of France, involved in the production of organic systems since 2006.

The idea of his study is to create, by cross breeding, a strong cow able to calve alone, eat only grass, resist disease, be easy to handle and able to produce a good marbled meat rich in omega-3 and tender for a culinary pleasure. All this done with respect for the animal and minimizing the impact on the environment, storing carbon to help fight global warming through the association of plants.

For this, he wants to meet beef producers who practice crossing different breeds to benefit from the effects of hybrid vigour. Beef producers who only grow meadows of several associated species of plants, without pesticides and with little synthetic products, for happy and healthy animals. Beef producers who raise their herds in challenging environments and therefore use cross-breeding to produce a cow that is genetically adapted to such environments.

Livestock production is accused of polluting but Yannick believes that it is possible to produce in a way that respects the wellbeing of the animals and benefits the environment, since herbivores are an integral part of a balanced ecosystem.
He know that in countries like the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and certainly others, that farmers are practicing these techniques and have acquired knowledge that he would like to share.

He then wants to put this knowledge into practice on his own farm and, of course, share his experiences with other livestock producers in France.

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