Report Synopsis

Family Succession and Governance in Agriculture

Ollavo Queiroz Tinoco

Family succession is an increasingly important issue in agribusiness, mainly because most rural producers have a family production profile and the importance of the sector for the country.

The present work aims to be a guide with ideas, experiences and tools that can help in the succession process, which goes far beyond just finding a replacement for the current leader of the business.

The first part focuses on showing the succession process in greater detail, which are the main mistakes made and some comparative numbers of companies.

The second stage develops definitions of governance, risk management and how they can be applied in agriculture.

The final part is made up of real cases collected on trips to Europe, Australia and the United States. It contains different solutions for the succession in different sizes of agricultural operations.

The recommendations can be summarized in the following points:

1 – Perform initial diagnosis;

2 –  Understand the ambitions of each family member;

3 – Alignment of the main objectives;

4 – Gradual process of governance implementation;

5 – Always cultivate an integrative family environment.

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