Report Synopsis

Here come the robots, but what do we do with the data?

Hans Loder

With talk of a data driven future and the function data will play in providing both efficiency and oversight to agricultural enterprises, this report hopes to deliver clarity to wine grape businesses around defining data, how its generated, how it is stored and what it can deliver.

Jason Strong of Meat and Livestock Australia said:

“Data has no value until you use it.”

Similarly, while many ask the question of “who owns the data” the first step is ensuring that a business itself properly owns and secures its data.

This report looks to explain what constitutes “data” and how it can be best managed. There are several types of data, and it can occur in different forms. How can a business be confident it is looking at the right data, let alone knowing how far along it is on the journey to achieving full data maturity?

This report concludes that every business is different, and the way data is managed will vary. Whether data needs to be hosted in a custom platform, or if the question relates to whether value is being realised from a proprietary system, each business will need to consider the needs of its own production methodology.

This report asks: “Here come the robots, but what do we do with the data?”

The likely cost of poor data management is outlined within this report, and it seems tantalizing that problems can be solved if data is done well. However, the field of data science has many facets and data management requires skill.

This report speaks of the importance of data engineering, and this will likely be a first critical step for most businesses, but so too the analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation capabilities that follow.

All rely on quality data.

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