Report Synopsis

Farming in the Zone. Digital Technology and Agronomy

Luke Bradley

This report investigates the link between plant science research, practical on farm processes and digital tooling to enable better management of defined zones within farmland.

It intends to help growers make decisions with a better understanding of how they can utilise relevant farm and climate real time and historical data - overlayed with research agronomy - to gain more profit and reduce emissions.

The aim in to give confidence to farmers when adopting new agricultural technology or system changes within operations and help identify areas that would benefit from new investment, ensuring that time spent using new technology equates to money gained and not just an addition to an already overburdened workload.

Fundamentals that need to be considered when looking at making systems changes or on-farm investments are highlighted. It also provides insight on how to use new tooling to ensure crop production is reaching potential.

It is vital to address all general farm business practices prior to new technology adoption. Current on farm equipment and management systems should be reviewed to investigate if new goals can be achieved without new technology adoption.

Thoroughly explore agricultural technology options including accessibility, cost and serviceability and appropriately allocate within the budget for any transition. A well-constructed plan for financial investment is critical.

Profitable gains can be made, but plant biology remains the same. Furthermore, it is also vital to understand how changes improve the growing environment for the crop, and the end yield result.

Risk and interest drive the focus of farm budgets, but with more seamless technology systems being introduced - and a critical approach to business observation – digital agriculture and technology adoption can provide new opportunities to maintain long-term business sustainability.

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