Vet John Remnant publishes Nuffield Farming Scholarship report

John Remnant NSch

Leicestershire-based Vet and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham John Remnant NSch 2019 has published his Nuffield Farming Report titled ‘Ensuring the veterinary profession meets the needs of livestock agriculture now and in the future’. His study was sponsored by the Trehane Trust.

The report is now available on the Nuffield International website at or can be downloaded directly at


Study Objectives

  1. Identify and evaluate strategies used to improve the recruitment and retention of farm animal vets 
  2. Identify and evaluate strategies used to equip the next generation of farm animal vets with the skills and confidence they will need 
  3. Describe the future role of the farm vet and how this will help livestock agriculture 


Countries Visited

Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, New Zealand, United States of America



  1. Recruitment and retention of rural and farm animal vets is a global concern, better data is needed to understand the detail fully
    Showcasing diverse role models and illustrating how farm vets contribute to human health, animal welfare, the environment and rural communities will attract more interest amongst applicants and veterinary students 
  2. Ways of working incorporating more flexible and part time working, different fee structures, collaborating with technicians and other farm advisors and using technology will help retain more vets in the farm sector, as well as providing improved services to farms 
  3. Embracing and leading changes to more “herd health” and technology driven veterinary care for farms is essential for the future of the profession, post graduate education is a key way to achieve this