Tom Ormesher: Report Published

New Nuffield Farming Report published – Tom Ormesher: ‘Farmer Coordination and Water Stewardship

Tom Ormesher NSch 2018, West Sussex-based Environment and Land Use Advisor for the NFU, has published his Nuffield Farming Report, titled ‘Farmer Coordination and Water Stewardship’. It is now available on the Nuffield International website at or can be downloaded directly at

Tom’s presentation of his study findings at the 2019 Nuffield Farming Conference can be viewed at

Report Title: Farmer Coordination and Water Stewardship 

Sponsor: John Oldacre Foundation

Countries Visite: USA (New York & California), New Zealand, Spain, The Netherlands

Study Objectives

To explore the relationship between commercial farming, water management and wider public interest. Considering how best to coordinate the strategic water management and business development priorities of British farmers and growers.



  • Sustainable water management requires strategic planning and investment; and this goes hand in hand with broader questions of rural economic development.
  • Sustainable development in the rural economy will not be achieved without an enabling framework, providing food production businesses with the support, knowledge and financing arrangements to implement commercially relevant sustainability enhancements.
  • Further investigation should assess the potential for expanding and incentivising formal, farmer led partnerships in England and Wales. These types of organisation could become the backbone of a new and effective working relationship with the regulator, whilst providing farmers with the opportunity for more coordinated commercial positioning.
  • Defra should also review the structure and function of resource management advisory services in England and Wales, which is complex and fragmented. The review should consider the US model of Resource Conservation Districts as a valuable alternative. 
  • Finally, to meet future sustainability challenges, the sector needs better supporting services at regional and sub-regional level, providing company mentoring, mid-career business training and more cohesive business networks.
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