NUFFIELD REPORT: New report by 2018 Scholar Barry O'Boyle

Barry O'Boyle

Nuffield Farming is proud to announce the publication of a new report by 2018 Scholar Barry O'Boyle NSch:

"Opportunities for UK farmers to grow wealth in the 4th Industrial revolution"


  • Identify how financially sustainable the UK will be in paying its farmers subsidies like that of the EU, medium to long term.

  • Identify at least one alternative way that UK farmers can at least maintain their income through more innovative methods, backed by government policy.

  • Understand missed opportunities within the current strategy with regards to growing the UK Agri-tech sector.


  • The current subsidy model can no longer be relied upon as a main source of income by UK farmers in the medium to long term.

  • Innovation, return on investment and entrepreneurship should be the guiding principles of any new UK subsidy policy.

  • Innovation has been key to overcoming great disruption within other industries: agriculture will need to do the same and harness the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution.

  • Farmers will need to embrace technology and the role that they can play in developing the Agri-Tech sector into an important sector within the UK economy.

  • For Agritech to become a strong manufacturing sector and economic driver within the UK, all stakeholders must find a common strategy to integrate further to increase the ability to create wealth for farmers.

Read the report here...