The Scholarship

The Scholarship

The Scholarship


Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust award approximately 20 individuals each year with the opportunity to research topics of interest in either farming, food, horticulture or rural industries.

A bursary of approximately £7000 will be given towards your travel and subsistence expenses. In addition, the Trust and your individual award sponsor will meet your travel and expenses in relation to the Pre Study Briefing and Contemporary Scholars Conference. The total value of an award is in excess of £12,000.

Scholars are able to travel anywhere in the world for a period of no less than 8 weeks to further their knowledge and understanding of their chosen study topic. On return from your travels a written report will need to be submitted and published and you will present your findings, the conclusions you have reached and the recommendations to your industry at the Annual Nuffield Farming Conference. You are also expected to use all other means at your disposal to spread the knowledge you have gained within your industry and beyond. 


Nuffield Farming Scholarships are an amazing opportunity that can benefit careers, industry and business, as well as advancing personal development. They are recognised worldwide and in many countries there is a network of scholars who will be pleased to assist you. 


The 2018 Nuffield Farming Scholars begin their Scholarship Journey at the 2017 Nuffield Farming Conference.