Report Synopsis

Deer Farming and Landscape Scale Management of Wild Deer to Combat Habitat Degradation and Produce Sustainable Venison in the UK

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Deer present a particular problem in the UK as their natural predators, long since extinct, no longer limit their populations and since introductions of non natives have seen drastic increases in their numbers. This overpopulation combined with piecemeal management strategies dictated by individual landowners makes managing deer and reducing their negative impacts problematic. This study aims to draw on the centuries of experience of the Scandinavian people of managing deer (reindeer in particular) across private, regional and even international boundaries as well as as the examples of other countries with federally mandated cull and management plans. Additionally to safeguard and promote 'homegrown' venison production the example of new Zealands programmes of capturing wild deer to establish deer farms (during the 1970's) will be looked at to determine if this is a viable additional method of removing wild deer from the landscape but at the same time safeguarding the ability to produce venison.