Report Synopsis

How Brands Drive Demand for Regenerative Agriculture

Currently researching for Scholarship

Wholefoods Market selected Regenerative Agriculture as the top food trend for 2020. Patagonia, The North Face and General Mills are amongst the international brands focussing on sourcing from regenerative farming supply chains. This is because, for many, the old sustainability narrative is broken. Until now we have been focussing on doing the least harm to our planet. On minimising our footprint. But regenerative Agriculture offers farmers, brands and consumers a story of hope. It could be a way to start actively healing our soils, waterways and biodiversity. It could be one of our best opportunities to reverse climate change by drawing down man-made emissions into the soil. Often farm innovation revolves around what works on farm and what we enjoy doing. It doesn’t focus on what the consumer wants and where demand exists in the market.

I will explore how brands are driving demand for regenerative agriculture and the opportunity for farmers to respond, de-commoditise and add value.