Report Synopsis

Effective monitoring methods that measure ecological outcomes in grazing systems

Currently researching for Scholarship

The complete farming system and mindset change that I have had over the last 7 years has benefited my business financial, socially and environmentally (triple bottom lining). I realized that two of the triple bottom line is easy to account for, profit and social. The ecological benefits however are much more difficult to prove. 

This is where my project starts. Simply seeing the positive affects well implanted grazing systems can have ecologically isn’t enough. The questions are, what can be done? And how do we do it?  My challenge is to find the baseline figures that are suitable for all farms and soil types. Then establish what we need to monitor and why?

We are currently in very challenging times in the agricultural industry for various reasons, pressure on red meat emissions being one of them. This is the perfect time to carry out this project so we work towards shaping farming systems and policy in the future, leading the way for livestock farmers to continue to produce quality protein for the global market.  

I plan to travel to Australia, Tasmania, North and South America, Europe and the UK. Visiting ranchers and some of the original pioneers of regenerative agriculture.