Report Synopsis

Challenging the Conventional: Behaviour change methods for the adoption of IPM

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Conventional arable farming is changing. Farmers in the UK have already lost key plant protection products and are set to lose additional insecticides, fungicides and other synthetic inputs in the next five years. This, combined with the need to lower the cost of production under the insistence that food prices remain low, while also improving yields and protecting the environment, has meant that IPM (Integrated Pest Management) has become vitally important.

IPM’s holistic farm approach to pest, weed and disease control is not a new concept. Existing information and research outlines what needs to be done, how it could be achieved and why this is necessary. Despite this, there has not yet been widespread adoption by arable farmers in the UK to move from a "out of a can" response to fully take this systems approach for on-farm management.

This study will explore how countries around the world have enabled behaviour change for the adoption of IPM, have managed the associated risks and stopped the barriers for its uptake. The aim of this Scholarship is to bring back techniques and recommendations to allow for the rapid adoption of IPM for the benefit of arable farm businesses and UK agriculture.