Report Synopsis

Accelerating AgriTech Entrepreneurs

Currently researching for Scholarship

Entrepreneurship has a powerful role to play in enabling scientific and technological developments to filter through to making on-farm practices more productive and more sustainable.  Not only is this beneficial in its own right, it also has the potential to draw in talent and capital to the sector more generally.

The UK is strong at fundamental discoveries, but other parts of the world (eg Israel and the USA) are better than us at turning these into new companies.  My theory is that those regions connect the innovators, investors, farmers and business support services to better effect.  Therefore I want to use my study to understand how a thriving entrepreneurial AgriTech ecosystem works in other countries, and how the UK can be more effective in this respect. 

One theory I hope to explore is that accelerator organisations – which take a cohort of young companies and support them through some of the key stages of development – may be instrumental as a focal point for network development. 

Another possibility is that networks between innovators (entrepreneurs) and the eventual users (farmers) are stronger – so that innovations solve real problems, and the problems that producers face are the focus for innovator energies.  Lastly, I’m curious to understand more about how “success” is defined, and whether different ecosystem structures serve some parties interests more than others (eg the entrepreneur’s, the investor’s, the government’s or the farming community’s).