Maeve Whyte  -  Eat Your Sprouts! Tackling the food waste issue

John Oldacre Foundation

I started my career with the National Farmers Union, England and Wales in 2001. With a background in geography and environmental science I worked as the water policy adviser for a few years before moving to Brussels in 2006 to work at the British Agriculture Bureau, which represents all the UK farming unions.  Working with representatives from the European Commission, national governments and the European Parliament has given me an excellent opportunity to learn more about farming across the EU and about the politics and people that shape farming policy on the ground. During my time in Brussels I have worked on various issues including the EU budget, the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and water legislation.

 I am from a small seaside town outside Dublin and try to get home as often as possible to visit family and friends. I enjoy keeping fit and socialising and love to travel with my husband John.