Charles Harrison  -  Practical opportunities to eradicate Johnnes disease in cattle

Dartington Cattle Breeding Trust

I am married to Serena and have 4 enthusiastic children: Freddie (7), Ollie (5), Hugo (4) and Tabitha (2). We live and work in Rudgwick, West Sussex.

I am a partner (of 8), in a family busines running 1,200 dairy cows over 1,900 acres in West Sussex. We have Holstien Friesian x Jersey crossbred cows, now introducing Norwegian Red to the mix. We are Autumn block calving, cubicle housed, self fed silage and flat rate parlour fed over three dairies. The heavy Weald clay allows grazing from March to October focussing on a low cost, simple system.

Project Details 

Study: Practical opportunities to control Johnes disease in diary cattle.

My study topic is "Practical opportunities to control Johnes Disease in Dairy Cattle" and comes from first hand experience of this insidious disease. I have been fortunate to have attended the 11th International Colloquium on Paratuberculosis in Sydney, in February, which gave me an insight into size of the problem and some useful contacts to visit. I plan to travel to Australia (again!), USA, Canada, China,  the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Ireland to see what control programs are in place and farmer attitudes to Johnes Disease.

I have been kindly sponsored by the Dartington Cattle Breeding Trust, to whom I am very grateful for the opportunity to further myself, through this 2012 Nuffield Scholarship.