Robin Asquith: Report published

2016 Scholar, Robin Asquith’s report is now available on the Nuffield International website. Below is the executive summary of his report, titled:‘The role UK agriculture can play in delivering social care.’


Report Title       

The role UK agriculture can play in delivering social care


Robin Asquith


Elizabeth Creek Charitable Trust

Countries visited

Canada, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Belgium and UK


Objective of the study tour: 

·         Investigate the role UK agriculture can play in the delivery of social care and mental health provision through the use of Care Farms and social prescriptions.




·         UK agriculture can help deliver social care

·         Awareness of the Green Care Sector needs increasing in order for more people to benefit

·         Principles of Social Farming can be applied to other sectors

·         There needs to be greater evidence of the socio-economic benefits social farms bring to communities

·         Social farms don’t have all the answers but do have a role to play

·         Recognition and support from Central Government and the NHS are key to the large-scale support of the sector and individuals

·         Social farms are good connecting agents – enabling people to reintegrate in society

·         Quality assurance and accreditation of social farms and other green care providers by a single national body could increase the number and quality of social farms in the UK


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