Chris Graf Grote

Chris Graf Grote 1989 NSch


Chris started his farming career in 1976 growing and packing vegetables for supermarkets in the Fens and later became tenant farmer on the East Coast of Norfolk, where he lives. He is a 1989 Nuffield Scholar, having studied "Poland and the Soviet Union - Are there opportunities for the UK Food and Farming Industry?” Following his study, he was the initiator and co-founder of the Nuffield Russia Trust, undertook numerous EU PHARE and TACIS projects involving Russia, Ukraine and most Central European countries and set up a farming tenancy in former East Germany. 

With 2 partners, he founded in 1995 what is now Spearhead International Ltd, farming some 85,000ha in 4 Central European countries and the UK. Spearhead was sold in 2015 to a private equity fund. Chris has retired from farming and now spends more time with his wife Ines and their three grown-up sons. He also continues to provide international and family business advice and mentoring on agricultural acquisitions, enterprise restructuring and career training.