Werner Strydom  -  How can we reduce Campylobacter in the UK food chain?

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I grew up on a beef and sheep farm near Burgersdorp in the North-Eastern Cape of South Africa. I have lived in the UK for 14 years and have spent all that time working in farming in the South of England. I obtained my degree in Agriculture with Business Management at Writtle College in Chelmsford, Essex, in 2007. This is where  I met my wife, Caetlyn, who at that time was studying Conservation. On completing my degree we moved to Eye in Suffolk and I have been working in broiler production ever since then.  I currently work as General Broiler Manager for Hook2Sisters Ltd - Central & Southern regions, supplying chickens to 2 Sisters Food Group. I have been involved with the industry’s  Joint Working Group project to set up model farms to see if by adhering to the highest level of biosecurity, we can reduce the level of Campylobacter in the birds produced at these sites. My involvement  with this project  lead me to apply for a Nuffield Scholarship in order to research more widely how to reduce Campylobacter in the UK food chain.

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