Nuffield Scholars - 2017


NUFFIELD FARMING SCHOLARSHIPS TRUST has provided over 800 people from agriculture, its associated industries and the rural community, the chance to travel and expand their knowledge and understanding. Scholarships provide individuals with unique, life changing opportunities and experiences, which add considerable value to their careers, businesses and the industry at large.

Here is what the Scholars say ...

Jamie McCoy, 2013 Scholar. Study: The next step for the small family farm

"Being a Nuffield Scholar is an invigorating and rewarding experience. I explored so much more than just my study topic, met inspirational people, experienced traditional and transitional areas of agriculture all over the world and was offered great hospitality, stimulating discussion and exchange of ideas. Since completing my scholarship I have continued to reap the rewards of Nuffield by applying my new knowledge, and continuing the relationships that I have built, and I continue to benefit by hosting scholars from all over the world."

Michael Blanche, 2010 Scholar. Study: The farming ladder

"My Nuffield Scholarship had a huge impact on me. It showed me qualities in myself I only previously suspected were there. It gave me perspective, ideas, confidence and a little bit of wisdom. I am convinced it will prove to be one of the most important things I will have done in my life."

Tony Davies, 2010 Scholar. Study: Marketing mutton

"Travelling through USA, China, Cambodia and India was an educational journey that has given me a new worldwide perspective on agriculture. Having being continuously put out of my comfort zone, I now make business decisions with more confidence. The Nuffield experience has positively exceeded all my expectations and I look forward to a lifetime’s involvement."

Marnie Dobson, 2010 Scholar. Study: Growing and developing a niche market for goat meat

"Nuffield has been a great experience for me and my business as it has extended my network of farming and food producer colleagues and to this end has been invaluable.

As regards to the Nuffield experience I would highly recommend doing a Scholarship as it has brought many new ideas to the business which we are currently developing. Also I learned so much more than my subject field, as a result of my trip to Texas we have changed the way we graze our goats, and how we worm them, and to this end the herd health has really benefited. I went away wanting to learn how to grow a niche market and came back with so much more, more of a global view to my subject and with many new friends.

If I had not done a Scholarship I would be a different person from the one I am now, it has given me confidence, perspective and a global view of farming."

Kevin Beaty, 2010 Scholar. Study: Consumer attitudes to how milk is produced

"I have been a dairy farmer all my working life, for the past 5 years I have been a farmer board member for DairyCo the levy organisation for milk in GB. After a number of setbacks in our business and against a background of poor performance in the wider dairy industry I began to question what the future held for us. UK dairy farms need to grow to remain competitive and DairyCo research showed that consumers cared about what farmers do. My study in the major milk producing countries and the emerging markets of the future has helped me to inform the UK industry and consequently my own business from a global perspective.

My views have changed and I am much more optimistic about UK Dairy; We are ahead of the game internationally, as we know what our consumer wants us to produce, this will give us a competitive edge as we grow our exports.