Sara Gibbins  -  The effects of globalisation and changing dynamics on the egg processing industry

BEMB Trust

I’ve been in the egg processing industry for over 12 years.  My career began in the egg industry by chance, in fact my friends and associates couldn’t understand how I could possibly get passionate about eggs, but there is never a dull moment in this industry!  Challenging, daunting, frustrating, exciting but never dull! There is always something happening in the markets, EU law and new legislations and of course changes in competition and consumer needs.  It never stands still.  After my career as Sales Representative I went on to become the Director of Stonegate Food Ingredients Ltd until it was taken over by Manton in 2008.  I stayed at Manton as Chairman until April 2012 when I stepped down to pursue other opportunities, including my Nuffield Scholarship.  Today I'm the Assistant to the Chairman of Noble Foods.  I'm very lucky to have the support of my husband Ian, Sam and Cerys not forgetting my two best friends Buster and Walter (my golden retrievers), where we all live in Cambridgeshire.

My study is 'The effects of globalisation and changing dynamics on the egg processing industry', said differently, how can we create growth, sustainability and profitability in a dynamic market that's constantly changing.  With globalisation and technological advances around the globe, imports into the UK are growing and becoming stronger.  EU Directives have dramatically affected the egg-processing sector and the whole supply chain including farmers, packers, egg processors, food manufacturing, the retailer and consumers are all affected. So how can we deal with this better in the future?  What can we do now?  We all know that due to the ever growing population that soon demand on food will be at an all time high whilst stocks will be at an all time low, how can we fill this gap?  The areas I'll be researching will be, Science and Technology, Commodity Trading and Communication and Influence.  No doubt, that as I go through my research, one of these areas will be more relevant that the others and this will be the core focus of the study during the next 12 months.