Russ McKenzie  -  Success with No-till - under any conditions

My name is Russell McKenzie, I farm in Cambridgeshire with my wife Ellie and we have two wonderful children Lily (8) and Sam (6).  Combined with our family farm, I manage a 750 hectare arable farming enterprise between Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire and we also have a few store cattle on the home farm.  Our soils are predominantly heavy clay and cropping includes Wheat, Oilseed Rape, Spring Beans and Spring Oats.  We also undertake a variety of contracting operations ranging from cultivations through to combining.  I am the farm agronomist and undertake the agronomy for some of our contract farms as well.  

My real passion in farming is growing a crop to achieve it’s full potential, whilst at the same time improving the condition of our soils. I have a strong interest in direct drilling systems and have gradually been introducing direct seeding as the workability of our soils improves.  I have certainly learnt that although direct drilling means less time spent on a tractor, it certainly requires more legwork and attention to detail in the field to assess conditions!

I enjoy public speaking and in my role as a School Governor at our local primary school, I spoke at the harvest festival.  Speaking to a group of 5-11 year olds was far more terrifying than speaking to a group of farmers!

I would like to extend my gratitude to the HGCA for their sponsorship of my scholarship and their support during the next 2 years.

To keep up to date with my experiences you can follow me on Twitter: @russbmckenzie