Robert Neill  -  EID in cattle

The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society

I farm a tenanted farm in the Scottish Borders in partnership with my wife Jac. We have two sons Andrew (13) and Harry (10). I was born and brought up on the family dairy farm in North Northumberland. This was a traditional dairy farm with arable and sheep enterprises. The family farm is now run by my two younger brothers.

At the time I left school my father had secured a tenancy on an upland farm in the Scottish Borders and I helped to run this farm until 2000 when we took on the tenancy at our current farm, Upper Nisbet. The farm has 650 acres of arable land and 430 acres of grass with an additional 200 acres of seasonal grass being rented. I have a herd of 300 cows and calves, and all progeny are finished on home grown produce.

My chosen study topic is EID in cattle. My reasons for choosing this topic is because we need to embrace technology to make the beef industry in the United Kingdom more profitable. I feel it is important to have a system in place which works for farmers before it becomes mandatory and change is forced upon cattle farmers.

I intend to travel to Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as perhaps Brazil or Argentina, in addition to carrying out some further research back at home in Scotland.