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My initial interest in agriculture developed growing up as I used to help out on the Cambridge University Farm (where my father was farm director) during the summer months, which included lending a helping hand with the experimental potato plots. I was also fortunate to undertake a summer internship at PepsiCo’s research farm in Wisconsin, USA and work on a sheep station in the Falkland Islands. At University I studied Physical Geography and completed a PhD looking at how glacial-geological evidence could be used as a proxy for reconstructing the climate of the Last Glacial Maximum. I currently work as a Data Scientist at Landmark Information Group, which manages on the one of the UK’s largest environmental data holdings. My role is focuses analysing agricultural and environmental data. I live in Exeter with my wife Hana, who is a bioinformatician at the University of Exeter. A lot of my spare time is spent on my allotment or helping out with the Exeter Wheelers cycling club.


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