Richard Hinchliffe  -  Herbicide Resistant Weeds: investigating a sustainable future for arable farming.

Yorkshire Agricultural Society

I live on the family farm with my wife Rebecca and our two children William 3 and Thomas (11 months).

I am a partner in the family’s 1400 acre arable farm growing wheat, oilseed rape and beans. Our soils range from medium silty loams to heavy clays and we are dependent on a pumped drainage system as the farm is on average only six feet above sea level, and all of our land is actually below high tide! I have worked full time on the farm for the last 14 years since leaving De-Montfort University, Riseholme, Lincoln. I do all of our agronomy as I am BASIS and FACTS qualified.

One of our farms is host to the BASF fungicide & biodiversity trials and welcome around 600 visitors a year. In addition, key influencer days are held for groups including government agencies, supermarkets, non-governmental organizations and international visitors 

I would like to thank the Yorkshire Agricultural Society for sponsoring my Nuffield Scholarship. I would also like to thank my family for supporting me through my application and through the next two years.

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