Rebecca Hill  -  Creating and passing on a sustainable farming business

I live and farm in Dorset, in partnership with my mother. In total we farm 1500 acres; some of which is owned and the remainder farmed through a myriad of different agreements - share farming, contract farming, rented etc. We are mainly arable, growing the whole range of combinable crops, and also run a small flock of 200 ewes, which we lamb in February and they utilise the meadows that are unsuitable to grow crops. In conjunction with the farming, we have also diversified and converted a range of traditional farm for commercial use. At present we have five tenants, including a micro brewery and a baker. At the top of the farm, in a remote location we also offer holiday accommodation in four beautifully converted shepherds huts.

i have two gorgeous children; Flora and JJ who love everything to do with the farm. I am very excited to have been given a Nuffield; not only to study my project, but also an amazing opportunity to meet like minded people, and visit so many different places.

Rebecca Hill - Passing down the family farm.

My fathers passed away and I inherited my farm at a young age. I wish every day that my father was still here, but it has enabled me to to run my own business and pave my own path. The question is - will I be willing to give the same opportunity to my children, if they wish to go farming. I wish to explore the whole area of passing down the family business, and why in so many cases it is not discussed, planned or even thought about.

I wish to explore what is happening close to home; England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Then travel further afield to South America, and America. I also plan to travel to Brussels and France.