Michelle Sprent  -  Sustainable pig nutrition

I have been working as a pig nutritionist since graduating in 1999. Although not from a farming background I actually started feeding pigs inadvertently at the age of 14 when I got my first job working in a greengrocer’s shop.  We used to collect all our waste fruit and veg into spud sacks for “Frank the Pig Man” to collect every Saturday!  I now work for Premier Nutrition (manufacturers of vitamin and mineral premixes for all species) providing on farm technical support to UK pig producers who are home mixing their feeds.  A large proportion of my work is with producers who are utilising liquid co products.  This includes products such as wheat distillers syrups from the biofuel sector and liquid yeasts from the brewing industry.  My work has led me to have a greater interest in less conventional ingredients for pigs which offer a sustainable and cost effective alternative to the more common raw materials such as soya.